Confidence VS Timidity! Find Out Which Side Your On

REALTALK RADIO Confidence Vs. Timidity   Truth be told, If you’re not confident in this day and age then you will never have a successful life or acheive your goals. In this Episode, I highlight the advantages of being Confidence and the disadvantages of being Timid.Join me in this exciting Radio show explaining the difference between […]

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Find Out The Truth About Nice Guy Theory+

Nice guys DONE FULL
Nice Guys Finish Last

There’s  no problem with being Nice, but being Passive aggressive and a Doormat will hurt you in  more  areas of  your life than you know it. Join me in this exciting Episode explaining to you why being a nice guy may not be the route  you want to take.

This […]

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The Pursuit of Greatness

 The Pursuit of Greatness  […]

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