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Top 8 Principles for Men to live by

Be confident in life: The world does not have sympathy for the weak so be strong and of good courage. In the old testament of the bible, David tells his son to be confident and to prove himself a man (1ki 2:1-3). So prove yourself a man in today’s society, by taking new chances and […]

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The Power of Certainty

The Power of Certainty
The power of certainty and knowing what’s at hand is stronger than confidence and hope. Sometimes you have to really believe that something is going to happen so much that instead of hoping and wishing you start to prepare for the inevitable. In the bible Romans 4:17 it says to call those […]

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Four Stages to being an effective christian (NTME)

New Christians

Christians in Training

Mature Christians

Elders of the church

New Christians-  First  of all I want to say Welcome to an amazing new life.  At this stage you’re a new Christian. You have just accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.  In most cases you have heard of Jesus, but have never considered making him the […]

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Loving and Respecting God

What does it mean to love and respect God? When we’re saved and baptized in the holy spirit we are now sons of God and take on a father son/daughter type of relationship with God. If you have or had a father in your life, then most of you know what it means to show […]

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Free From Demonic Oppression

Hmm.. How should I start? Well let’s start off when I was around the age of 20. I was sleeping at my parent’s house because I just moved back home coming from college in Florida. At the time I was a party going person, so every weekend and some weekdays I would go out to […]

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3 Steps to an Effective Prayer

Let’s be honest here, people pray every day, some get their prayers answered and some don’t. Some people pray for small changes around their communities while others pray for large changes in the world, but regardless of what you’re praying for it’s important that you submit an effective prayer to God the father in Jesus […]

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How do we receive healing from God

How do we receive healing from God? Is it something that only the few select can have or is it something that everyone can grab for themselves? Healing is a funny thing because so many people think that God chooses who he wants to heal or they feel if it be his will then he […]

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Confidence VS Timidity! Find Out Which Side Your On

REALTALK RADIO Confidence Vs. Timidity   Truth be told, If you’re not confident in this day and age then you will never have a successful life or acheive your goals. In this Episode, I highlight the advantages of being Confidence and the disadvantages of being Timid.Join me in this exciting Radio show explaining the difference between […]

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Find Out The Truth About Nice Guy Theory+

Nice guys DONE FULL
Nice Guys Finish Last

There’s  no problem with being Nice, but being Passive aggressive and a Doormat will hurt you in  more  areas of  your life than you know it. Join me in this exciting Episode explaining to you why being a nice guy may not be the route  you want to take.

This […]

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How to be a Ladies Man?

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The Pursuit of Greatness

 The Pursuit of Greatness  […]

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The Definition of a Ladies Man

Be the man that women love is a hand book for guys who want to learn how to pick-up women in any situation. Truth be told, women are more attracted to men, not boys and will easily dismiss immature behavior. In this book, I will explain the reasons why so many guys make childish mistakes […]

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