Top 8 Principles for Men to live by


Be confident in life: The world does not have sympathy for the weak so be strong and of good courage. In the old testament of the bible, David tells his son to be confident and to prove himself a man (1ki 2:1-3). So prove yourself a man in today’s society, by taking new chances and directions in life that you normally would not take. Learn to face your fear and also strive to be a man of integrity. People look up to and admire honest and confident men because they epitomize an emotional stability that is rare in this day in age. It’s been said that guys who are more confident tend to be more successful and fulfilled in life because they are not afraid to go after their dreams.

Become a man of action: Good things come to those who are patient, but only left over from those who hustle. ‘”Abraham Lincoln”. Look I will not lie to you, we live in a very competitive world and if you’re not competing at a high level consistently, then you will get left behind. So it’s important to become a man of action and leave your lazy habits behind. When you’re a man of action you don’t just talk a good game, you become a good game. Action will be your only motivator, and it will become your signature move in life. People are actually more confident in doing business with men of action because they know progress will be made.

Keep a Hobby in your life: Every man should have that one hobby that makes him feel relaxed and more like a man. Whether it’s golfing, fishing, carving wood, writing, football or basketball, every man needs to have a consistent hobby in their life. It’s hard to maintain a fun and relaxing lifestyle with the demands of life, but I challenge you to keep a healthy balance between work, family and your personal hobbies.

Become more health conscious: Based on statistics men die five to six years earlier than women, so I encourage every man to become more conscious of their health. This means taking a proactive approach to your health and well-being. All men should get a physical at least once a year (Getting your prostate checked is a must) and if you’re over 40 think about getting your colon cleansed once or twice every two years. It’s also vital that you keep an exercise regiment in your life because it prevents many physical and mental illnesses. Overall, when you stay healthy you tend to feel better in life and when you feel better, it’s that much easier to pursue your dreams and goals.

Learn to control your emotions:  It’s been said that a man who can control his emotions can easily control a small city (Proverbs 16:32). One of the best talents you can learn in your life is to control your emotions. We live in a world where the rains of hard times fall on the just and the unjust, so everyone will eventually get their fair share of difficult times, but it’s how we choose to handle adversity is what makes men out of us. You should strive to keep an even temperament in life, you’re not too arrogant or angry and you’re not too timid or bashful. Learn to harness the power of your emotions evenly, so when it’s time to express your anger you do so in the most efficient way. When it times to be sad you can be sad without feeling emasculated. When it’s time to be more sensitive to your wife or kids, then you can change that emotion according to the circumstance. At times life can feel like an ocean of problems, but no matter the storm, real men will surf the waves instead of drowning in the ocean.

Constantly develop yourself: If you’re not constantly growing in life then you’re slowly falling behind. Make new deposits in your life that you can withdraw into different areas of your life when needed. The reason why many guys lack creativity and passion to improve themselves is because they don’t have a purpose or goal to reach. If you have nothing in front of you then why would you work extra hard at anything. So find something that you want to do in life and just go after it with everything you got. Even if you have already reached your dreams, then it’s time to venture over to something new and further expand your horizon. Life doesn’t get boring, we make life boring; so always strive to transition to new levels and get everything you can out of life.

Choose your friends wisely: Birds of a feather flock together, so if your friends are not growing at the same rate or does not want to go where you’re going, then it’s time to find some new friends. You see iron sharpens iron, but if you’re five levels higher than your old high school buddies then they have the potential to stunt your growth. I’m not saying you can’t be friends, but please be mindful of the time you spend with them because more time equal more influence.


Lead by Example: One of the greatest principles of man-hood is to lead by example. In today’s society great men are often measured by what they can physically produce not necessarily what they say. Lead others by your actions first then they will start to trust what you say and follow you. The only difference between a great man that people follow and a regular guy is how much they inspire people. People are attracted to charismatic, confident, and unique guys who have something to offer to the world. These are the guys who achieve their dreams, but at the same time are willing to help others achieve the same amount of success. They are willing to teach and lead by example so that their followers will have the same opportunity to be great by looking to them as a helper guide to their dreams.

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