Four Stages to being an effective christian (NTME)


New Christians

Christians in Training

Mature Christians

Elders of the church

New Christians  First  of all I want to say Welcome to an amazing new life.  At this stage you’re a new Christian. You have just accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.  In most cases you have heard of Jesus, but have never considered making him the lord of your life. Things may be a little confusing and overwhelming at this stage because everything is still new.  It’s vital to be careful and make sure you get under correct teaching because you’re vulnerable at this stage and are susceptible to believing anything. Welcome!

Responsibilities: Accept Jesus as your lord and savior

                                  Begin to change your life (Put God First)

                                  Pick a comfortable church to attend



Christians in TrainingAt this stage you’re a Christian in training and you’re learning all about the things of God.   Like if mentioned earlier, it’s vital to sit under good teaching and learn all that you need to know about God.  This stage is also fragile because poor teaching can lead you down paths that will be ineffective for you in your life.  My best advice for Christians at this level is to read your bible daily and find out what the word of God says and mean, so that you can know the truth and be able to recognize error. The closer you’re to the real thing the faster you can recognize counterfeit. So get in the word and study.Now don’t get me wrong most preachers teach the truth and have a genuine heart, but some will put their own spin on things and sway away from what the word is actually saying.   Also at this stage you need to start exercising your authority giving to you by Jesus Christ. Start praying for friends, family, and strangers to build up your spirit man.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pray at first, trust me if you do it enough you will get better at it. At this stage you will learn to establish a habit of praying for people and yourself daily. There shouldn’t be a day where you don’t speak to God at least once. Now don’t get me wrong, this stage will be your toughest, simply because you’re basically unlearning  everything from the world and transitioning your mind to learn about the things of God. As  it is written in Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind

Responsibilities: Read your bible daily

                                   Start praying for friends, family, and strangers

                                   Sign up for groups in church (Become involved)

                                  Read beginner Christian books or attend classes

                                  Learn and ask as many questions as it takes

                                  Ask God where do you fit into the body of Christ(church)


Mature ChristiansAt this stage you’re a serious follower of your lord and savior Jesus Christ. Your entire life revolves around fellowship, praying, and sharing the good news (Gospel) (Please don’t be excessive when I say your entire life. There is a time and place for everything.)  When you’re a mature Christian everyone around you should know it. It’s hard to hide being a mature Christian because all your actions should reflect how a Christian is supposed to live. From a basic point of view, a Christian is supposed to put God first, have a medium temperament personality, save souls, share the gospel, and help people who are in need.  Being a mature Christian means you’re mature in the things of God and you don’t get tossed to and fro by the devil in your thought life. At this stage you should definitely be praying for the sick, casting out devils, and raising the dead if necessary ( Matthew 10:8). I’ve come to find that Christians at this stage read their bible daily to stay stirred up and full of the word of God.  Most Christians at this stage are doing some type of job in the church, whether it’s ushering, helping out or ministering, they are working in the house of the lord. Lastly, you should start to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s okay to be an average Christian, but it’s hard to do anything significant without power. For example the average Christian is like a boat some are slow, some are fast, some are cruise lines, but God wants battleships. God wants his children to have power because the devil doesn’t play fair. How do you receive gifts of the spirit? You can have an elder lay hands over you or you can ask God and receive your gifts through faith. Matthew 7:11 “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Responsibilities: Live a Godly Life

                                  Pray for others constantly

                                  Have a relationship with God

                                  Should be working for God

                                 Operating or studying the Gifts of the spirit

Elders of the church: At this stage you’re a leader in the church. With years of experience, you will become a beacon on light to others in your church. Many pastors and teachers are found in this category and they are to set great examples for their followers. At this stage unless you specialize in a particular ministry you’re to be teaching the gospel healing the sick, casting out devils and for the people who think casting out devils is not relevant then let me ask you a question, do you think the devil all of a sudden stop working in this generation. ) Speak in tongues (many people are uneasy about this gift. Hey if I were the devil and there was a very powerful weapon that Christians could use against me then I would do everything I could to get them not to use it. Folks Kenneth E Hagin spoke in tongues all his life and saw many miracles and lived to a good old age, and lastly you’re to give and preach to the poor. Your life should epitomize the perfect nature of how a true Christian is supposed to live.

  • Responsibilities:

                                                Lead, teach, and love God’s people

                                               Praying for people on a daily basis

                                               Using the gifts of the Holy Spirit –

                                               Speaking in tongues  (although not mandatory)

                                               Healing the sick( check out  my article  “How to receive healing from God”

                                               Casting out devils

                                               Have a strong relationship with God

                                              One note elders- when preaching and teaching try not to sway away from the word too much. I have    witness many preachers who started to create their own doctrine.

                                  Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit (often times you want to teach one thing, but the Holy Spirit wants you to teach some different.

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