Loving and Respecting God

What does it mean to love and respect God? When we’re saved and baptized in the holy spirit we are now sons of God and take on a father son/daughter type of relationship with God. If you have or had a father in your life, then most of you know what it means to show respect and reverence to your earthly father. God is no different, he wants his children to love and respect him all the days of their life. In Mark 12:30-31 Jesus was asked what is the 1st commandment and he answered, “The first of all the commandment is Hear O Israel; The lord our God is one Lord: and though shalt love the lord they God with all thy heart, and with all they should and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. According to Jesus our first commandment is to Love God with all our heart. Now going back to the original question, what does it mean to love and respect God? Well, I will answer just that in the paragraphs’ below.

First let’s start off with loving your God. To love your God means to worship, to live a sanctified life, to try to please him, to obey, to do your part in the kingdom, to cry to him, to communicate with him, to pray to him, to put him first, and to evolve everything in your life around God.  We’re to love our God to the best of our abilities. I understand that most of us have busy lives, some more than others, but Sunday should not be the only that day where we give our time to God. We show God love when we sacrifice our time just talk and worship him on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be long, it can be just taking a 10-minute break from whatever you’re doing and tell God how much you love and adore him. Too many Christians take God for granted in the sense that they are always asking God for something and never worshiping, showing gratitude, or thanking him for taking care of them. You have to understand God protects his own and sends his angels to keep us in all our ways. So that car accident that you managed to avoid was probably an angel saving you. That sickness that suddenly left you was the healing power of Jesus working for you. That rent money that was paid in full by a stranger was God satisfying all your needs according to his riches and glory. If people really realized how much God loves them and longs to bless their lives, then they would show back the love that’s due to him. It’s sad to say, but many Muslims show more commitment to prayer than most Christians do and we wonder why we are not seeing more of the miraculous things of God. I will not lie to you, everything that God has put in the bible is true and can help you in life. God said that all of his promises are yes and amen and he is not a man that he shall lie. Therefore, through love, dedication, and diligence we can harness the power that God has given us through his grace.

Next I would love to talk about respect(obedience). I would like to point you to the story of Jonah, God wanted him to go to a particular city to minister to the people so that they could repent. But Jonah had something else in mind and decided to run from what God wanted him to do. To make a long story short, in the process of running away from God, Jonah was thrown overboard from a ship and was swallowed by a huge fish. Jonah spent three days in the belly of this big fish. Imagine yourself in the belly of a fish. Imagine being in pitch black small area that constantly moves. I pretty sure Jonah was terrified and out of place.   Jonah spent most of his time praying a repentance prayer to God and was released three days later. Now what can we take away from this story? If we are to be children of God, then we must respect him by our obedience. Being obedient and showing your allegiance to God is the first sign that you have great respect for him. The origin of respect is not fear, but love, unfortunately most people miss this. God doesn’t want us to run around being terrified of him, instead he wants us to love him and live an obedient life. We may not always be in the perfect will of God, but when we are obedient to him we set ourselves up for an easy life. Believe it are not, when we sin, we give the devil access to our life and the only thing that he wants to do is destroy us. I was praying for a guy one time about being healed from a particular disease. He told me that he’s been praying to get healed for some time now but he still had a lot of sin in his life. Now I told this guy the truth; the reason why God was not healing him was because of his habitual sin. In the bible it states to submit to God, then resist the devil and he will flee from you. Submit, Resist, and he will Flee. So people if we respect our God and set our lives apart to live by his standards then we will please him. And if we please the lord there’s nothing that he won’t do for us according to his will if we ask.

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