Free From Demonic Oppression

Hmm.. How should I start? Well let’s start off when I was around the age of 20. I was sleeping at my parent’s house because I just moved back home coming from college in Florida. At the time I was a party going person, so every weekend and some weekdays I would go out to the club. One night after when I was sleeping I was suddenly awakening by a loud voice that said let me put the evil in you. After I heard the voice I suddenly felt a large pain in my ear that would last for the rest of the night. After that day the issues started to begin. As I said before, I was a club going person but I was also a ladies man, and having sex with many different women was common for me at that time. A few months after my voice night incident I started getting sick mentally and physically. I started to have great anxiety after I watched a movie one night and felt like someone was touching me, Now I’ve watched many scarier movies before, but this one I couldn’t shake. This fear of spirits touching me went on for the few years. I would take antidepressants for anxiety and blood pressure pills for high blood press for stress and I was only 21-22.

I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 22 and moved into a small apartment. I guess the demons felt like they had an advantage over me because I was out from the covering of my parents. The spirits would attack me hard every night touching my face, waking me up, and giving me nightmare. It got to a point where I was shaking every night. My blood pressure was rising and the antidepressant seem to not work. This was a weak and dark moment for me in my life and I thought I was going to die early. Now let’s fast-forward a few months. I met a guy online( myspace to be exact) he was a business guy and he took interest in some poems that I had online and we started talking business and eventually met and became friends. Well he was in school at the time and was recently kicked out of his house because of non-payment so I took him in. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. So as time went on became good friends and I told him my spiritual problems and how every night I was shaking and taking all kinds of medication to survive. He told me he had a seer that could see spiritually what was going on with me. Well this seerer( Physic) said that there was some witchcraft done on my mother’s side which is calling all these spiritual attacks and that we would have to do some rituals to undo the curses that was done. So we spent the next few months we performed ritual such as buying potions from New Orleans and bathing with them. It got to a point where I had to do all these rituals all the time ( In a strange way I knew it was wrong, but I thought this is what I had to do to break the curses on my family. Little did I know I was digging myself deeper into a hole This guy was living at my apartment for free and was controlling me.I couldn’t go to certain people’s house because of spirits, and he told me not read the bible because he said that would interfere what we was trying to do and that God would understand. I was being brained washes all because of my ignorance, spiritual weakness, and vulnerability to break free of demonic oppression.

This guy took advantage over me at the weakest point in my life. After a while of  performing rituals, I started to feel worst and started to really feel like things were touching me and compromising my nervous system.( Mouth, Head, Arms moving automatically) I secretly sought for help for an outside source( Church and friends) for a few weeks and they slowly lead me to JESUS. They told me what was going on and that I was being brained washed and used as a puppet. They also told me that this guy was using heavy witch craft against me for control purposes. I started to listen to preachers on Youtube and started learning about the blood of Jesus and deliverance; it took me down a new path of information which was completely opposite of what I was currently taught. All of a sudden this guy started making mistakes and I started to catch on to what he was doing. He was working with someone else to keep me in the dark. As I started going to church, and using the name of Jesus his strongholds began to fall off and I eventually kicked him out of my apartment. As soon as I started calling on the name of Jesus he started planning an escape for me to get out of that situation. After I kicked him out, I was able to sleep with peace, but demonic torment and oppression for all that I had done remained throughout the day. I began to study demonic possession and oppression particularly in witchcraft and learned that I was in an ancient war and I had to fight for deliverance. (Boy I tell you, what you don’t know will hurt you in the spiritual and natural world, so I encourage every believer to read their bible and learn as much as possible about serving God).

So I eventually started fighting back by using my authority that was giving to me by Jesus and eventually demons started coming out left and right, and I’m definitely better off today than I was then. I was delivered from demonic torment that was literally killing me and was delivered from a dangerous party life that evolved around sex and lust. So folks if you find yourself in a situation of any kind that you don’t think you can’t get out of, then I have one answer for you “ Jesus”. From the second I called his name he planned an escape for me. Without his support I don’t believe I would have made it. My roommate was very powerful in witchcraft, but was no match for the blood of Jesus. Please heed to my words people because this war that we are in is not a game. There are really demons, angels, and a spiritual world that we don’t know a lot about. But I encourage you to stay strong in the lord and to not depart from his ways. God Bless!

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