3 Steps to an Effective Prayer

Let’s be honest here, people pray every day, some get their prayers answered and some don’t. Some people pray for small changes around their communities while others pray for large changes in the world, but regardless of what you’re praying for it’s important that you submit an effective prayer to God the father in Jesus name. Praying is like sending a bill directly to the president of the United States, some bills(prayers) he approves, some he let’s sit until the right time, and some he denies. Now the advantage that God has over the president is that God can’t be overruled by 2/3 vote or impeached. Every prayer that you send out will reach his desk no exceptions. In this article I will show you the 3 steps to an effective prayer

Step 1 Ask for forgiveness- This is the first step because every man is guilty of sin rather he realizes it or not, and should ask for forgiveness. Never ask the father anything without first asking for forgiveness of your sins. When we ask for forgiveness we are acknowledging that we are not perfect and that we apologize for our sins known or unknown. The fastest ways the render your prayers ineffective are to pray to the father with dirt on your hands. So forgive anyone you have wronged or has wronged you and ask God for forgiveness on both sides. It’s best to be clean as a whistle before going to the throne of God.

Step 2 Talk to God- Instead of a long drawn out prayer where you use every vocabulary in the dictionary, keep your prayers simple and to the point.( God is not interested in halfhearted fancy prayers) Make your problem known to God and ask for his divine and superior help. God wants to know if you’re genuine at heart and really mean what you say. So instead of asking the father for something on the shallow end, try to have an intimate session with him. If I were you I would set aside time and have a real conversation with him.( Talk as if he is standing right next to you) Also another important factor that people tend to forget when talking to God is that we have a stronger communication line to him through Jesus Christ. By the blood of Jesus Christ we are cleanse from our sins; therefore when the father looks down on us he doesn’t see our scarlet sins. Jesus is like our representative or lawyer who goes to court for us and fights on our behalf. So when you pray remember to always use the name of Jesus per request. Develop a daily habit with talking to God and watch how your prayer life becomes more powerful.

Step 3 Thank God- This is a great step to exercise your faith. After you state your case and make a prayer request in Jesus name, then thank him for blessing you and answering your prayers before any change occurs in your life. This shows God that you’re faithful and believe he is more than capable of fixing problems you have. The best ways to thank God is by singing praise music to him, sharing your testimony with others, and serving him with a positive attitude.

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