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Nice guys DONE FULL

Nice Guys Finish Last


There’s  no problem with being Nice, but being Passive aggressive and a Doormat will hurt you in  more  areas of  your life than you know it. Join me in this exciting Episode explaining to you why being a nice guy may not be the route  you want to take.


This article is for all the nice guys out there who are having problems succeeding in life, whether it’s relationship or career issues. This will be my last article about nice guys for a while, so please pay close attention. Contrary to popular belief, there is really no dyer problem with being a nice guy; being nice will actually help you advance to greater heights in life. Your kindness tell people that your friendly and somewhat approachable, which is a huge asset in the business world. When it comes to relationships, women love nice guys. Why would a woman want a guy who treats her bad? Think about it! The problem with being nice in relationships is that women want more than just a nice guy. Women want men not boys. Listen closely because so many guys get this wrong. You can’t make a woman more attracted to you by being Captain Nice.

You can’t flood women with gifts and good gestures all the time. You can’t call a woman 8 times a day. You can’t be too needy. You can’t wine and cry to her and tell her how emotional you are. Ultimately, you can’t make a woman your personal Idol; you will lose every time. Now it’s funny to me when guys say they don’t want to be an A-hole and mistreat women? News Flash, that’s wrong behavior too my friends. The reason why women like bad boys and guys who mistreat them is because those are the only guys who has exhibited any type of leadership in their lives, but why is that; it’s because leadership reflects attitude and assertiveness in so many ways. People follow leaders in all aspects of life. Ask yourself would you follow someone who is unsure about who they are? I’m not trying to say that nice guys are unsure about themselves; all I’m trying to get across is that leadership is so vital when it comes to being a real man. So if you’re a nice guy who wants to be successful with women and in life then you have to become a leader in your own bubble. Now don’t look at this wrong, I’m not saying you have to be a general in the Army. All I’m saying is that you have to be confident in yourself and a leader in your relationship. The problem here is that guys nowadays don’t exactly know how to be good leaders; well good news, leadership can be learned if you’re disciplined

Here are a few leadership traits:

• Decisiveness- Able to make tough decisions
• Confident- Confidence always wins, remember that!
• Willing to admit when you’re wrong
• Man of Action – Getting things done without talking
• Responsible – Take Responsibility for your actions
• Respect others- You can’t get respect until you give it
• Not Tolerating any type of disrespect
• Patience – A wise man is a patient man
• Fearlessness- People who are fearless tend to get what they want out of life.
• Courageous- Being brave when there is danger around
• Self-Ownership – Owning who you are and not caring what other think about you

So in a nutshell it’s okay to be a nice guy, but remember you must first learn how to be a real man who is well-rounded


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