3 Steps to an Effective prayer

Let’s be honest here, people pray every day, some get their prayers answered and some don’t. Some people pray for small changes around their communities while others pray for large changes in the world, but regardless of what you’re praying for it’s important that you submit an effective prayer to God the father in Jesus name.

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Is it something that only the few select can have or is it something that everyone can grab for themselves? Healing is a funny thing because so many people think that God chooses who he wants to heal or they feel if it be his will then he would heal them. The truth of the matter is that God is no respecter of persons and will heal

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Top 8 Priniciples for Men to Live by

Be confident in life: The world does not have sympathy for the weak so be strong and of good courage. In the old testament of the bible, David tells his son to be confident and to prove himself a man (1ki 2:1-3). So prove yourself a man in today’s society, by taking new chances and directions in life that you normally would not take.

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Loving and Respecting God

What does it mean to love and respect God? When we’re saved and baptized in the holy spirit we are now sons of God and take on a father son/daughter type of relationship with God. If you have or had a father in your life, then most of you know what it means to show respect and reverence to your earthly father.


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Loving and Respecting God. Learn how loving and Respecting God will get you far in the Kingdom of God. God Longs to have relationship with his children but often times we don’t give him the time he deserves. If we all really knew how much God loved us then we would spend more time with him. Learn the importance of loving and respecting God today.

Matthew 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

In this video I teach you to get and stay healed. There are people who get healed by God  instantly. There are people who don’t get healed at all. And there are many people who get healed by process. I will show you how to use God’s word to get to get healed and maintain your healing

It’s important to have faith in what you can achieve in life, but you must watch out for unbelief. Unbelief can hinder and stop your progress in life. Therefore you must know for certain without doubt that you can and you will achieve your dreams. Know that God will satisfy all your needs according to his riches and glory. May God bless all who watch this video. Remember to Believe you can at all cost.

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Delivered from demonic oppression, and healed from congestive heart failure, God has played an integral role in my life and I’m happy to share my experiences with the world. Teach my people and love my people was the supernatural message I received from the holy spirit years ago. So, I make it my top priority to teach, pray, and love God’s people. I’m an author, father, husband, and servant of God who loves to teach people the importance of walking with God. Life can be tough and unpredictable, but with God, diligent work, and faith you can experience a fulfilling life here on earth.

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